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In our opinion, the original Vodka was made from potatoes. By its natural origin, it has a distinct creamy character and earthy after taste, rendering it a most desirable spirit.


Bradford Vodka was introduced in March 2015. Our vodka is potato vodka, made with potatoes from Szawlowski Potato Farm in Hatfield, MA. It is a small batch, handcrafted spirit which is super clean, smooth and creamy in character and has an earthy, vanilla aftertaste. Every batch of our potato based Vodka is produced and bottled in our distillery in Hingham, MA. Because Bradford Vodka is not a grain and it is made from 100% real potatoes, it is Gluten Free. Each potato is checked before it enters the distilling process. Every batched is distilled 5 times and triple filtered to create our unique smooth and ultra clean Vodka.

Bradford Distillery Vodka

Award Winning Gold Medal - Bradford Vodka

In March 2016, The San Francisco Spirits World Competition bestowed a Gold Medal to Bradford Distillery for its potato vodka. Bradford Vodka was recently ranked in the top 10 potato vodkas in the world by Proof 66, an independent rating agency of spirits, wines and beers.


We take great pride in hand labeling each bottle with love.

Bradford Distillery Vodka


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